AboutThe Ultimate Guide to Life for Fatherless Teenage Boys

Are you a teenage boy without a father in his home? Most likely. Millions of young boys like you in this world. Everywhere, in every country, city, neighborhood. And from my viewpoint as well as per demographic constructs, this raw deal in life is growing much worse. Not the way it should be. Not the way It Was Intended. Not what any boy (or girl) should have to suffer through. It is wrong. It may not be easily solvable. Most important: it is NOT your fault, kid!

Unlock the World

Unlock the WorldCaptiva Daze

"Captiva Daze" is a light-hearted look at a family-man's two week vacation on a South-West Florida Island near Ft. Myers. Torn between spending time with his family and partying with the natives on the island, Michael also must face his current crisis that he is unemployed, and that his writing creativity has all but disappeared. The tropical locale and the book's foil characters, including his stoic brother and the aggravating and aggravated people on the island, provide a colorful backdrop to the humorous, philosophical, religious, and political dialogues always present in the Jimmy Buffett Parrothead cliques when plenty of alcohol is available. After reading "Captiva Daze", the reader may feel a need to pack up the Subaru and head to Florida, or at least mix a nice tropical boat-drink and listen to some good island song.


AboutSolomon and Shakespeare Walk into a Paris Bar

Michael Newman's first novel, written based on his year as a student at the Université Sorbonne in Paris, France, is a witty, inspiring and engaging satire on the staid café life as lived by six twenty-something foreign students ensconced in The City of Light’s celebrated Left Bank.

Florida Sunburn

FLORIDA SUNBURN is a classic novel about how a hard-working American man, who is just trying to get ahead, experiences a fall from grace. Then, upon finding himself and his place in this world once again, commits to Christ and recommits to his family.

About Michael Newman

Writer, Teacher, and Mentor Michael W. Newman – “Newmie” – takes life freely with both hands and shares it generously with all others, as a gift given to him personally by Our Supreme Creator. With due respect always to Heaven above, as well as to other peeps still thankfully with us here on Earth below, Michael seeks to promote and live out the Scripture verse universally known and seen at many a sporting event: “For God so loved the world…” (John 3:16).

Never relying on himself, yet being fully reliable and available to others as a fit, gentleman scholar, he expounds openly that the conundrums and confusions experienced by all the living are solvable by Faith & Good Deeds. Now, with enough grey hair to knit a fine Persian rug, he makes his home in Falls Church, Virginia with his lovely Peruvian wife, “The Contessa Julia”, their two omniscient (never obsequious) VA Tech University teens Emmannuela and Mikey, and the blessed presence of an un-pedigreed, untrainable, crazy dawg, “Jack Daniels”, which his family has in infinite wisdom happily chosen to crown supremely and place forthwith upon the family throne forever.

Authentically masculine (non-toxic!) once a fatherless boy myself, now a son of The One, True Father!
Writer, not yet an author. Boxer, though not a competitor. Investor, never a scalliwag. Mentor, always and everywhere! Why? To build boys to be real men; to raise little girls to be adorable angels!

Enjoy taking life freely with both hands, and teaching all others to do the same… for lifting others up lifts yourself. Listen first, ask endless questions. Serve silently, take only when permitted and no more than necessary.
"Never, ever living the same day twice, while keeping in mind that today very well could be my last! All to honor Him Above! {Amen!}”


ReviewReviews From Happy Readers

Life-changing, practical, and a game-changer for mobile enthusiasts. Highly recommended!

"Captiva Daze" took me on an unforgettable journey to the tranquil beauty of South West Florida's hideaway. The storytelling is immersive, and the vivid descriptions make you feel like you're right there on Captiva Island. A delightful read that transported me to paradise.

Sarah Johnson
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